Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Medan City

Why do you have to visit medan city? Of all the places in Indonesia, why would this city be a perfect spot for you to spend your holiday? Indonesia is famous for having Bali as top-notch, international-level travel destination and wouldn’t that island be a more befitting place for you to enjoy your vacation? Well, if you are a frequent traveler, there is a chance that you have been in Bali more than once. Now, here’s a question for you: if a place has been visited one too many times, wouldn’t it be a little bit stale, to say the least? There is nothing wrong in visiting the same place hundreds of time but wouldn’t that kind of diminish the point of traveling anyway? There is also a chance that you choose to visit the same place over and over again due to your inability to decide on where to go to so you sort of stick to what you know best rather than having to risk it all by going somewhere you’ve never been to previously. It’s okay to play it safe but in doing so, however, you miss out on extraordinary things that perhaps cannot be found in any other places.

Take medan city attractions, for example. When speaking of landmarks, very few out there offer you a mix of different influences in the form of architecture. Most of them are typical of respective culture. This is great but once you master all of the information there is to know, what else is left to wonder? Medan’s great range of landmarks is a combination of different cultures, something which makes them a source of continuous wonderment.

You can explore the city on your own or you can just take a medan city travel guide with you to simplify things. You can simply listen to what the tour guide has to say about one specific landmark and take pictures as many as you wish to. Need more convincing to go to Medan? Below are top 4 reasons why you should travel to the city:

  1. The city is simply amazing

If you wish to explore North Sumatra as a whole, Medan is a great entry point to start your journey from. The city is the largest in the island and is the fourth largest in Indonesia. This means you are sure to be presented with rows of entertainment and a holiday filled with countless of experiences.

  1. Convenient transportation

As a tourist, transportation is perhaps the next important thing second only to accommodations. Medan is easy to reach given that flights into the city are available in hundreds. And that is something to look forward to in daily basis. Within the city itself, commuting is not something to feel worry about. Navigating the city is flexible enough with various means of transportation available in the form of taxis, trains, trishaws, and buses.

  1. It’s not short on things to do

From historical buildings to modern entertainments to innumerable culinary curiosities, Medan will give you a hard time once the time comes for you to leave back home.

  1. Comfortable accommodations

Luxury resorts, budget hotels, motels, inns, you name it! Medan has all kinds of places for you to stay during your holiday.

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